Single Serve

Rivertown Coffee uses the best single serve pods available

Better by Design thanks to our patented iFillCup® pods!

Rivertown Coffee Roasters Uses iFillCup® single serve pods, which are the choice of many Artisan Roasters looking for the best quality brew and value in pod production. The airtight seal and deep fill capacity are just two reasons why these pods offer richer brews and better flavor.

  • Eco-friendly 100% recyclable pods have a 10 times stronger filter for finer grinds. This high strength non-absorbing pleated filter let’s all the flavor through.
  • Our degassing seal allows for same day roast, grind and fill freshness. Competitor’s pods require roasted coffee to sit out in open containers to allow the coffee to degas before it can be filled into their k-cups. This is because they are sealed with the conventional foil lids that do not allow degassing.
  • Our better by design pods have larger fill capacity with up to 15 gram capacity (depending on roast and grind levels) they solve channeling issues and are able to hold more coffee for a richer and more flavorful brew!
  • The Rivertown Coffee iFillCup® is a durable long lasting pod that has fresher coffee to start with, and will stay fresh longer….
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